Double Doors Plus

 Double doors in Victoria are extremely popular in new homes and renovations. They give an impression of opulence and luxury. They make your house look big. They also just look great.
On a more practical level, double doors make your house more accessible and offer better ventilation.
So what materials are common when installing these twins?
Generally speaking, wooden double doors are the most popular. They are also the most cost effective.
With timber, the rule of thumb has long been that you have to be careful if you live in an area with a high moisture content.
However, there are now paints and finishes available that prevent wood from absorbing moisture, so if you are going down this route, be sure to talk to an expert.

Just add glass

Want to jazz things up a little, why not go with a combination of wood and glass. Many people like to go for one-way glass so you know who is at the door (but they can’t see you in your bath towel).
Or you can opt to have stained glass for a more unique look.
If you are a stylish and artsy individual (or people tell you that you are), then perhaps this classic idea of stained glass would be the best for you.
Come talk to the trained staff at Melbournes The Door Store and tell them you want to see double.

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