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Shopping for door hardware online just got a lot easier.

If you are looking for door hardware online we ship on a daily basis from our massive superstore in suburban Melbourne.

We have experts (qualified tradesmen and tradeswomen) who live and breath door hardware and will be able to help you out. We will actually be able to help you out which is the nice part, as we aren’t just a website but real live people who you can email or call 7 days a week on (03) 9532 3055 – ask for Mark Polson (pictured above) or email and or

If you cc both in you’ll get the quickest response (just a bit of a tip).

About door hardware online and door hardware in general.

When you look at a house, everyone looks at the big parts (like a door) but the smaller parts (like door levers and door knobs) can be the details that make up all the difference. These small elements are also some of the things that can make a home inviting and comfortable to live in. This is often the case with door hardware items which are usually overlooked by many homeowners.

Door hardware means materials which are installed or incorporated into or onto a door

A door handle or a knob will greatly enhance the appeal of your door. When the door knob or handle looks great on your door then it will affect the look of the whole house. Thus, it is important to choose the ones which best suit the kind of door and house style that you have. This means you need to go somewhere that has a great range of styles.

One of the best places to go for door hardware is online.

Door hardware online

You can now shop for door hardware online, there are numerous examples of this. 

For example, shopping online will give you the opportunity to choose from the widest range of popular brands like Delf, Gainsborough, Nidus, Lockwood and the many others that are all stocked at The Door Store.

These are the brands which are well-known and trusted by Australian builders and renovators.

Why not try buying your door hardware online today from a reputable site (like The Door Store who has been a trusted business since 1982) today!

door hardware online

door hardware online

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