Gainsborough Omni Trilock Enchant.Tri Lever. Satin Stainless Steel. Double Cylinder. FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE

Gainsborough Omni Trilock Enchant.Tri Lever. Satin Stainless Steel. Double Cylinder. FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE


Eclipse TrileverSatin Stainless SteelDouble Cylinder

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Gainsborough Omni Trilock Enchant. Tri Lever. Satin Stainless Steel. Double Cylinder.



Satin Stainless Finish

60mm Backset

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The Gainsborough Trilock Series (which is the series the Gainsborough Omni Trilock Enchant belongs to) combines the latest in door hardware design with the world renowned Trilock ‘3 in 1’ technology. The Trilock Traditional Series combines timeless styling, advanced engineering principles and world class tarnish resistant decorative finishes. The Trilock Contemporary Series is styled for today’s building and renovations, featuring modern escutcheon and handle styling, combined with world class tarnish resistant finishes.
Gainsborough Omni Trilock Enchant.
3 functions in the one lockset
• Lockset with safety: Depressing the button on the inside of the door engages the Trilock lockset mode. This locks the door from the outside, however, it is safe to exit without a key in an  emergency by simply turning the inside knob or lever.
• Deadbolt security: Trilock houses a key-operated double cylinder deadbolt, with a sturdy 20mm throw. (Single cylinder version features inside turn-button.)
• Passage set convenience: When Trilock is unlocked and unsnibbed, it operates as a standard passage set, allowing free access in or out of the home.
• Trilock features 4 fixing points for added strength against attack from outside.
• The key operates all functions of the lock, allowing the external door to be opened without rotating the knob or lever. This conveniently leaves a spare hand free for carrying parcels and the like.
• The solid brass, 5 pin Euro cylinder is securely housed within the Trilock body.
• For lever version – levers can be easily rotated during installation, for use on left or right-handed doors.
• Trilock readily replaces old keylocks fitted to a standard 54mm (2 1/8″) cross bore hole.
• Trilock Contemporary will also replace Trilock Traditional by drilling two new top fitting holes.
• Features 60mm backset.
• Suits doors 33mm to 45mm thick.
• Trilock can be keyed to other Gainsborough residential locks for same key convenience.
• The Trilock Contemporary Series will readily replace the Trilock Traditional Series, in a few simple steps.

Gainsborough Omni Trilock Enchant.

Trilock Omni features a 600mm pull handle and world renowned 3 in 1 operation – deadbolt, lockset and passage functions all in the one lock. The external lever is cleverly positioned behind the pull handle for added aesthetics. The internal side of the lock features a stylish flat plate Trilock Eclipse and offers a range of matching internal levers.
60mm backset.
Note: Trilock Omni features pull handle, escutcheon plate and lever on the external side and lever and escutcheon plate on the inside.


5 year limited tarnish resistant and 10 year limited mechanical

Gainsborough Hardware Industries Limited guarantees to repair or replace this product if within five (5) years from the proven date of purchase it tarnishes, discolours or corrodes; or if within ten (10) years from the proven date of purchase any mechanical defects occur. Applies only when properly installed and subjected to no more than fair wear and tear. This guarantee does not extend to labour costs, personal loss, death or injury, or economic, consequential or property damage of any kind whatsoever.

You’ll be very happy with the Gainsborough Omni Trilock Enchant.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 cm