Buying a Hume Door? Don’t go past The Door Store (Here’s why)

Any door any size at the Door Store.

Any door any size at the Door Store.


When it comes to door brands, Australia is well-versed and familiar with a particular brand of door in the country today known as the Hume Door. The Hume Doors is considered as one of the best providers of high quality doors in Australia today and is in fact supported by many homeowners around the country. Hume Door is a trusted company that offers a variety of door choices such as timber mouldings and door systems for both commercial and residential purposes, entry doors, and internal doors.

Hume Door is also a trusted provider of high quality mouldings and a great range of doors like the ones made from maple, silk trim, or pine. Hume Door is also known as the top supplier of the following types of entry doors: Regency, Premier, Carringbush, Lincoln, Newington, Sandgate, Glass Opening, Illusion, Nexus, Brunswick, Valencia and Vaucluse. With the wide range of choices, you will definitely get yourself overwhelmed and you’ll surely enjoy door shopping for sure!

As for the entrance doors, you will surely be overjoyed because you will discover that Hume Door offers a great deal of glass designs. These glass designs include frosted rose buds, glue chip, frosted square and romantic top, kookaburra leaves frosted, double iris frosted, frost links, black orchid frosted, frost hi-rise, kookaburra jewels frosted, wren jewel frosted, panama styles, and frosted clear designs.

Hume Door also provides XL1 doors which are great for homes that want to make use of entry doors that are great looking. XL1 doors come available in sizes that are standard so they can be used in most standard-sized homes. Generally, XL1 doors can be availed as solid joineries. The XL1 doors are also available in different veneered panel forms like MDF and HMR panels. They are also available in the form of mullions, timber stiles that are veneered and laminated, and rails. Generally, XL1 doors from Hume Door come available is different styles that are really irresistible; such styles include maple styles that are either painted or sliced.

Australia is a home of many different types of homes from ordinary to the modern ones. However, no matter what type of homes Australian people may have, the use of high quality doors from Hume Doors is one of the very reasons why many homes in the country look inviting and exquisitely beautiful. Hume Door products now come available at The DoorStore, Australia’s most trusted door provider in the country today.

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