Front Door Selection Issues; Wood, Metal or Composite?

Talk to an expert at the Door Store. Find out why customers from all over Victoria keep coming back.

Talk to an expert at the Door Store. Find out why customers from all over Victoria keep coming back.

Front Door Selection.

Selecting the special part of your home that a visitor will first come into contact with, is clearly an important decision to make. A house with a charming and beautiful front door will make visitors feel welcome and (who knows), might even become the envy of your friends and neighbours. So, it is very important to remember that when you are planning to remodel your home or are planning to build a new one to leave a bit of love for this part of the house.
When choosing a front door, you will be amazed by the number of choices available to you.
You will also soon have to answer the question “will I go for wood, a composite material, or metal?”
Each of the aforementioned styles has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Here is an overview of these three options so you can be better prepared for the decision making process ahead of you.


Wood doors come in many different styles and designs (we have 300 on display at our showroom, and furthermore we can make any style you find – whether it be on Pinterest or your favourite renovation blog).
And along with pure wood options, you’ll also find glass and wood combination choices too.
Wooden doors come in many different colours and styles.
One core advantage in having so many colours available to you, is that you can more readily customise the paint to match your home.
Wood is also the classic material we associate with a door, and if you are going for a period look, it is hard to go past.
It is also no small consideration that wood is also generally the most affordable.
However, you must factor in that wood requires more maintenance. Without proper maintenance it will warp and peel over time. This is a major reason why some people prefer the following choices.


Composite is considered by many to be the latest fashion.
Composite doors come with frames made of wood and are then filled with foam and subsequently wrapped with a fibreglass coating. They are much more expensive than any other material on the market today, but the benefit is that they will never warp and fading paint is not an issue. Therefore they will look newer a lot longer.

Metal Front Doors

Metal front doors are considered the most secure choice, no small matter in this day and age, and especially if you live in an area with a high crime rate. Our metal selection are strong, sturdy, and durable but are heavier compared to other two choices. They are often more affordable than composite fibreglass and wood doors, so this is another clear benefit. When you want to protect your home and your belongings, a metal solution is clearly something you may want to consider.

What’s right for you?

If making this choice from reading a blog feels like you are a bit distant from the decision, why not visit us 7 days a week at 122 Cochranes Road, Moorabbin and talk to a tradesman and take a look at the widest range of different types and styles of Front Doors in the country today on permanent display or email Richard Baron at and mention you read this blog and would like some advice.
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