External Door choices; Style vs Safety

External Door Choices; Style vs. Safety.

If you are planning to install a new external door for your home, it’s important to consider a few important factors.
Doors are an indispensable part  of a home because they provide both beauty and protection. So, when you are shopping around, you need to weigh up style considerations vs. safety considerations.
Following are few essential tips that will help you pick the right choice for your home.

Exterior Door Materials

300 plus doors on permanent display at 122 Cochranes Road Moorabbin

300 plus doors on permanent display at 122 Cochranes Road Moorabbin

As you would expect, external doors are made from various types of materials but wooden doors are still the most popular.

Wooden styles have an elegant and majestic look and are usually crafted to reflect the latest styles, designs and fashions. However they are not the safest option, and over time can warp and be more prone to wear and tear.
Metal doors on the other hand come with a higher intrinsic level of security and can look a lot more modern, especially when they are combined with glass elements.
However they obviously cannot give you that faithful period charm that many people prefer.
A composite product is also a popular choice these days, which is more durable than a wooden solutions, and cheaper than both the wooden and metal choices.
When it comes to deciding upon the kind you want, you will be amazed by the various options to choose from, and maybe a custom made choice will work best for you when trying to navigate this minefield.
Once you have chosen between wood, metal or a composite material, you need to decide which way things are going to swing.
A hinged door that is single-direction is the most basic and popular choice.
However, there are also external doors that can be availed in two-directional hinges when required.
That’s a choice for you to make, but something worth considering given the knock on effects the direction of the swing may have upon the rest of your project.

Exterior Door Size and Price

Obviously the size of your door must fit the available space in your home. That’s a no brainer. However please remember size can effect price, especially when you are after a huge door made of expensive materials.

Basically, the designs, styles, and materials are the variable factors that affect the price of the external door you are choosing – and navigating through all that may be something you would like to do with the help of our expert staff at The Door Store.

If that sounds good to you, why not come down to Victoria’s only door superstore at 122 Cochranes Rd, Moorabbin and let us walk you through our 300 doors on display 7 days a week and chat about your needs.
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