Home Entry Doors (Timber, Glass or Steel?)


So you want a new entry door? Well, you might know you have to consider factors such as budget, security, style and quality. But what about choosing between timber, glass and steel? Here’s a quick guide.

Traditional Timber Home Entry Doors

In traditional times, wooden material was used to make doors. As time went on a variety of quality and creatively designed woods became part of the options available. Some people love beautiful carvings in the wood that make a real statement, others like a door to just look like a door! Being so common wooden choices can be well adapted to any size or frame. However, like the look of an older house, everyone loves the look of classic wood designs, but there are pitfalls to be wary of when you are dealing with pre 2013 technology. For one thing, the dampness and humidity in the climate can cause wood to rot if it lacks good finishing. In sunny days, wood tends to expand due to heat. In case of rainy seasons and cold climate, wood shrinks down under its original size. You can use better quality wood to mitigate some of the effects, but at the end of the day, wood acts as it naturally does and the same can be said for the climate.

Steel & Vinyl & Aluminium Entry Doors

Steel doors are both durable as well as safe from fire, changing climate and cracks or gaps. They have a good lifespan and are cost effective. The major disadvantage of fitting a steel door is that the steel can generate a good amount of heat in certain homes. On the other hand, vinyl is also a good option to consider. Climate does not affect these doors. Some say they are not so attractive , but they are considered the most cost effective doors if quality and cost is your main concern over design. Please note over time they also bear a discoloring effect if exposed to strong sunrays. Aluminum doors are the strongest doors, but again, there is heat generation and thus, it is not conducive to hot climates. Depending on your goals, the benefits of steel, aluminium and vinyl can always outweigh the bad effects.

Glass Entry Doors

Beveled glass can give your home a superb appearance. Each and every piece of the glass is cut and chamfered manually in the workshop.

The custom entry doors are designed with wooden frames and are given wooden touch and are available with an excellent exterior grade which is furnished by professional craftsmen.


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