Door Store Modern Entry Doors

Buying a door.
That’s an easy decision right?
Not so fast.
What’s your decision making criteria?
It’s all about the look right?
Well that leads you down one path, Corinthian doors, beautiful timber and wooden designs.
Hold on.
What about something you don’t have to maintain, something that will just sit there for years looking brand new and impressive?
Now you might be looking at a composite door. It’s going to look like wood, but unlike wood it won’t warp or fade.
Then again, security may be your big concern.
Maybe a metal door might be the answer. Strong. Sturdy.
But what about budget. Do you have a big budget for this or do you need to do it on a shoestring?
And what are those Fusion doors you’ve been reading about in European magazines?
Is mixing wood types to combine a new look something you want to get on board with?
How about glass. Or frosted glass. Or (let’s get crazy) fibreglass?
Are you confused?
You haven’t even touched on colours, matching the door with the style of your house or what kind of door hardware you are going to go for.
Not as easy a decision as you thought, huh?
Well, we can make it easy again.
All you need to do is go down to The Door Store at 122, Cochranes Road, Moorabbin.
We have many versions of everyone of these  modern entry doors on permanent display in our superstore 7 days a week.
There’s also a very friendly expert to guide you through and make the decision easy again.
Well, maybe you were right. Maybe it is an easy decision.
With a little help from The Door Store.

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