Different Materials for External Doors (And How To Choose)


There are many different materials that can be used to make external doors.  Each of these materials offers its own set of benefits and drawbacks.  This article will discuss some of the different materials used to make these doors.

The first thing that most people think about are the different types of materials available.


Wood is one of the most commonly used materials.  It offers natural beauty and adds an air of warmth to your home.

They can be made from various species including cherry, walnut, mahogany, fir, and maple.

If you choose wood, then you need to be prepared to perform plenty of maintenance.

Also, wood may warp or crack over time, so to reiterate, they’re great, look fantastic, but you’re going to need to take proper care of them.

I’d be asking myself “am I a maintenance kind of person, or do I like to set and forget?”

This will help your long term view of whether wood is good (for you).

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Glass gives a modern feel to a building, but it’s too easily broken. A door made from glass won’t provide enough security for residential use, so businesses usually use these doors.

Timber or Metal?

Homeowners commonly have wooden external doors.  The door itself can be made from various species like fir, oak, maple, or mahogany.  Wooden doors are very durable, but heavy so you’ll need a sturdy hinge.  You will also need to maintain it properly, or it will succumb to the elements over time.

Some homeowners choose metal.  Some say that they are less aesthetically pleasing than their wooden counterparts.  However, they provide the most security.

If it leads to your roof or backyard, you should consider a metal door.

There are also many other considerations.

Steel Fusion?

External can also = steel.  These external doors are typically constructed of heavy galvanized steel around a steel or wool frame.  The inside is fitted with dense polyurethane foam core.  This helps provide much better insulation than their wooden counterparts.

Steel external doors also are very durable.

They’re also a good choice if you’re looking for plenty of security.

They won’t warp or crack over time like wood.

You can also repair any dents easily.


Some are also made from fiberglass.

This type of material is also durable, although not as durable as steel. You don’t have to worry about fiberglass doors rusting or shrinking because of humidity changes.

Fiberglass doors also don’t require a lot of maintenance.

You should strongly consider using fiberglass if you live in a harsh or humid climate.

Fiberglass can provide the look of wood without having to spend the time maintaining it.

Note: Fiberglass doors aren’t completely made of fiberglass.

The area between the fiberglass skin is filled with foam to provide excellent insulation.  This also means that they are very light, so they’re easy on the hinges.

Another benefit of fiberglass is that you can paint and stain them like wood.

What’s Right For You?

No two projects / homes / renovations are ever quite the same.

To make a truly informed choice, why not visit The Door Store at 122 Cochranes Road, Moorabbin to discuss your particular project so we can work together to come up with an individual solution that best suits your unique circumstances.



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