Custom Made Australian Doors


We make any door, any size.

Simply, give The Door Store specific instructions about size, style, design, and overall structure and we’ll be able to adopt these instructions and make a customised Australian door just the way you like. We’ve been doing it since 1982 and we have many thousands of satisfied customers all over Victoria.

People used to come in with magazines and catalogues with ideas they have been inspired by. Others have come in with descriptions. We’ve even had sketches on the back of a napkin.

These days it’s people coming in with an iPad and some cool ideas they have found on Pinterest.

It doesn’t matter where your idea comes from, what matters is we can make it a reality.

What next

When a client places an order for a custom made door, the Door Store manufacturing team will critically review the specifications.

Based on the structural, design, and style requirements, manufacturing time can vary, so leadtime can vary.

Many clients request that their request be made from unique or rare Australian timber. This makes their one of a kind door just that much more unique.

Benefits of Australian Door Manufacture using Australian wood

Australian doors continue to dominate the market for their durability and quality.

We have some of the world’s finest skilled craftsmen (well, we certainly do at The Door Store. If our guys were musicians they would be considered maestro’s).

The other side of the coin is the high quality wood from Australian forests.

This combination of special factors makes the Australian doors the best in the world. When it comes to skilled craftspeople doing wonderful things with wood, we really are the lucky country.

And what makes The Door Store unique in Australia is we take all of these factors as a jumping off point, but we take things to the next level by producing a one off masterpiece for you.

Sure we stock many hundreds of popular doors, but maybe it’s time you treated yourself to a custom made doors from Melbourne.

We’re open 7 days a week, so why not pop down to 122 Cochranes Road, Moorabbin and let’s chat about your ideas.


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