Corinthian Doors for Sale at The Doorstore

300 plus doors on permanent display at 122 Cochranes Road Moorabbin

300 plus doors on permanent display at 122 Cochranes Road Moorabbin

Corinthian doors were established in Australia in 1942 and after many years of going from strength to strength these elegant doors remain extremely popular to this day.

In fact they are now loved throughout the world and are Internationally famous for quality, innovation and design.

The good news is due to their vast popularity, and our size (The Door Store is Australia’s door superstore after all) we are able to offer amazing discounts on these popular products.

So make sure if you’re shopping around you don’t forget to talk to us.


Corinthian doors say luxury. They say quality. They also say tradition.

So, if you are looking for a traditional classic door that adds beauty and character to a home, then you are looking for a Corinthian door.

There are also an amazing range of choices available to you, so you’re bound to find something you love.

These classic doors are also known for their taller, wider, and grander designs.
They are also known for their flexibility, and be fitted to just about any type of home design.
They are also very durable.
Not surprisingly for a force that has lasted over 70 years, these doors really do have fans all over the world, and many owners are fond of the character and charm that a Corinthian door adds to a home.
Why not come down to see our amazing range on display at 122 Cochrane’s Road, Moorabbin and let us help you make the step into becoming another proud owner of a beautiful Corinthian door.

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