bigstock-entrance-door-and-modern-stair-17054438TIMBER FUSION ENTRANCE DOORS

These doors offer European as the name suggests are a Fusion of timber species mixed with different glazings & metal or glass components making unique doors that are a step away from the norm.

The Door Store offers combinations of selected dark Jarrah, Myrtle, Blackwood timbers contrasted against pale Victorian Ash to create an opening statement at the entrance of the home that is truly individual.

Unique style and contrast tell a lot about their owners and these are all in stock and ready to be picked up at The Door Store today (we’re open 7 days) – we have Fusion Doors galore!



The Doorstore’s Fusion Metal entrance doors continue the fusion theme, this time with the eye-catching distinction of an inlay of brushed stainless steel running in a vertical line and setting off the beauty of the selected veneer.

Horizontal glazing  in these doors are bordered by a contemporary square bead treatment projects an understated style for today’s minimalist architecture.

Fusion doors are flush construction and cut down sound transmission while offering light weight yet sturdy construction qualities.

For the very latest range and expert advice talk to the friendly staff at The Doorstore today and come see for yourself why we are Victoria’s Designer Door and Door Hardware Specialst.

The Doorstore’s contemporary doors plus quality veneers make a first impression that really lasts.

Call The Door Store today and see what one of our contemporary modern doors can do for your home.

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