What to consider when choosing a Bifold Door


We know bi folds!

We know bi folds!

Looking to buy a Bifold?

Looking for choice (a really large selection that you can see in person, not in a brochure), and looking for an expert to help guide you through the process?

Look no further than The Door Store (122 Cochranes Road Moorabbin).

Buying a bifold door can be hard if you are not aware of the important details you need to consider when buying one.

However, we can help you find the one which best fits your personal taste and your home as well. 

Here are some of those important details and information you need to consider;

Your Budget

It is very important to consider your existing budget. In a nutshell UPVC bifold doors are the cheapest option and the wooden ones are more expensive. Aluminium will sit in the middle price bracket.

Right from the word go, your budget will help you narrow your choices.


Now you’ve considered budget, lets’ consider appearance.

Once again, looking at it in broad brush strokes, UPVC doors are limited when it comes to design and style while the aluminum and wooden choices both offer a wide range of choices around design, colour, and style.

UPVC and aluminum bifold doors lean toward the more modern looking side of the continuum while wooden doors not surprisingly add a more natural, classic and traditional appearance to your home or project.

These are just two general tips to consider. 

To really get specific about your project why not come and visit us 7 days a week at our Superstore at 122 Cochranes Road, Moorabbin or email Richard Baron at richard.baron@thedoorstore.com.au and mentioned you saw this article on our website and want to know a bit more about how we can help you with your bifold requirements.

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