The Best Place to buy Door Hardware in Victoria (in person) and Australia-wide (online)

_IGP5994r__1401008051_120.150.91.239The Best Place to buy Door Hardware in Victoria (in person) and Australia-wide (online).

It’s long been recognised that The Door Store is now the best place to buy hardware in person in Victoria. Our huge (and I mean huge) range coupled with our friendly expert service means we have people traveling from Brighton, Bendigo and Bulleen to visit us at 122 Cochranes Road, Moorabbin. And they tell us its worth the trek. We are the secret weapon of many a tradesperson and a fantastic find for the home renovator.

We are also now selling hardware online


5For those needing a quick (painless) lesson, the term “hardware” includes different things like locks, latches, lever handles, closers, cupboard handles, cavity slider sets and of course knobs.

For more on knobs and knockers check out the following article. ‎

This article will discuss some of the most common types of door hardware in Australia.

Everyone knows doors have locks to keep unwanted people from opening something they shouldn’t be.  What you may not know about are all of the different types of locks including keyed locks, latched locks, and dead bolt locks (and more importantly which ones are best used for what and why).

There are also simple privacy locks. (That’s when one side of the knob has a simple push button that locks the door).  The other side can have a key or a safety mechanism that you can use to open the door if it’s locked from the inside accidentally.  This type of lock is usually used on bedroom and bathroom doors.

Non Locking Hardware

Hardware can also consist of non-locking sets.  This type of set simply keeps the door closed.  You open it by turning a latch.  If it’s fitted with a non-locking set it can’t be used for exterior exits since it can’t be locked.  So, you should use these for closets that have only one entrance for instance.

Locks aren’t the only type of door hardware that you should be concerned about.  There are also different types of handles and knobs for you to choose from.  The handle is simply used to open the door if it is unlocked.

By turning the handle, you enable the latch to come out of the latch plate so that you can open the door.  Most handles have a circular design.  However, there are also some that have a straight handle that looks like a bar.

The hinge is one of the most important pieces of door hardware.  The hinge allows the door to swing freely open and closed.  The hinge needs to be attached to the frame and on one side of the door.

There are different materials used to make the hinge.  They’re commonly made from brass, steel, or an alloy of different materials.  Whatever material is used needs to be strong since it has to support the weight of the door.

There are various pieces of hardware used in combination with doors.  One of the most important pieces is the lock which helps keep the door from opening.  There are many different types of locks.  There are also different types of handles and knobs that you can attach to the door.

Australian Door Hardware store

Since we stock so much hardware the is cheaper than the big name door hardware suppliers. Everyday is a sale and you can buy 24/7 online or in person 7 days a week. Why not come in and say hello at 122 Cochranes Road, Moorabbin or call Jason Murphy on (03) 9532 3055 with any questions you may have. We’d love to hear from you!

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