Benefits of Timber Entrance Doors

seaboarddoorsmelbounreYour House will Benefit with a Timber Entrance Door

Many homeowners nowadays make the decision to use timber entrance doors.  This type of door material offers various benefits and drawbacks.  This article will discuss some of them.

Another benefit of timber entrance doors is that they are very customizable.  You can use any standard paint color on it and it will look nice.  You can also apply various types of stains on the door.  You can also buy doors with various textures.

One of the best benefits of timber entrance doors made from timber is in regards to its insulation properties.  You can buy double-glazed units as opposed to single-glazed units standard.  This way, your home will be better insulated which helps save money on your energy bills.

Although timber entrance doors have quite a few advantages, there are also a few disadvantages that you should be aware of.  First of all, timber doors require much more maintenance than doors made from PVC.

A door that is made from PVC doesn’t require much maintenance.  You simply need to put a fresh coat of paint on it every now and then.  With timber entrance doors, you need to put a coating on to protect the door from moisture and harsh weather conditions.

The construction of doors made from timber can also be harmful to the environment.  It takes a long time for those trees to grow.  It is best that you work with a company that helps to restore the forest where they got the trees from.

Australian Timber Doors

These are some of the benefits and drawbacks of timber entrance doors.  They tend to last much longer than doors made from PVC.  They will also help provide better insulation.  You also like the fact these doors are highly customizable so you can change the look.  However, you will need to be prepared to maintain them properly since they require much more maintenance time than their PVC counterparts. The is Melbourne and Victoria’s leading Supplier of standard and custom made Timber Front Doors

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