Aspects Of Door Security, More Than Just A Lock


A lot of people today think that putting any kind of door lock on their home is a way of keeping it safe and secure. Are all locks created equal? Well, of course they all work to some degree, but sadly the answer to that is no. This article is for those who want to find the best ways to safeguard their homes and properties using today’s available technologies as well as understanding door security.

Did you know that today 90% of the intruders and burglars are no longer intimidated by the kind of locks which homeowners and property owners usually make use to secure their homes and properties. Say for example, a door is locked with the use of a traditional bolt lock. The intruder only needs to kick the door and aside from possibly having a slightly sore leg, they’re in. When the door’s frame has been splintered then he can enter your abode easily without a fuss. So what is the use of using door locks that have not served their purpose properly in holding out robbers?

One good aspect of door security is to ensure the door itself has a strong structure and is reinforced. No matter how great your locking devices are, if your doors are so fragile they can easily get destroyed by few simple blows and kicks, then the lock is pretty much a moot point. Make sure that the materials are of solid characteristics and quality and are built with security foremost in mind.

Additionally, you have to make sure that the door frame snugly fits around the door. Also, when your door has a window adjacent to it, if you can possibly help it (you’re designing from scratch, you’re renovating) make sure that the window is at least 40 inches away from the door. The intruder or would be burglar will find it much more difficult to break the window glass and reach for the knob or handle of the door inside the house. Moreover, it is highly recommended that one should install unbreakable glass when close to any outside doors.

I hope this brief article opens your eyes that one need not consider locks as the be all and end all for security, but that it is merely one link in a chain. The truth is some doors and locks and other hardware pieces are to provide security whilst some are made to enhance the overall look of a home or property. You need to go into your door shopping with a clear mind as to which side of the spectrum is more important to you.

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